Call For Papers - English

For the number 4 (2017) of Materiali di Estetica. Terza serie, we invite articles for a monographic issue. Submissions that develop the critical analysis of the aesthetic fragment written by Kafka (whose bibliographic details are provided here below) are especially welcome.


- Franz Kafka, Kritische Ausgabe. Nachgelassene Schriften und Fragmente I, hrsg. von Malcom Pasley, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag 2002, pp. 9-11.

- Id., Nachgelassene Schriften und Fragmente I Apparatband, with description of the manuscript: variants and editorial interventions, etc. at pp. 36; 103; 129.


Contributions may be in Italian or English, and must be sent to this e-mail address:


Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2016.



The authors who send a contribution will:


- Follow the editorial guidelines available at this address.


- Report a valid e-mail address at which the editorial staff may contact them;


- Attach a file, only in .doc format, containing the contribution. Submissions should not exceed 40,000 characters, spaces and notes included. The item will be original and will be anonymous. The article will also be accompanied by a short abstract in English of no longer than 1,000 characters including spaces;


- Attach a file containing the bibliography of the essay, compiled in accordance with the editorial guidelines of the journal.



The referee system will be articulated as follows:


- Receiving: the files containing the items will be received by the editorial staff at the appropriate mailbox The editorial staff is in charge of counting the contributions received, communicate to the authors receiving the file and start, sorting them to the reviewers, the referee procedure.


- First opinion: the contribution will be judged on the basis of general criteria regarding the relevance to the topics covered by the magazine as well as grammatical and linguistic correctness.


- Second opinion: the contribution, anonymously, will be submitted to the judgment of reviewers chosen among PhDs, researchers and professors specialists to the topic treated by the essay. The second reviewer can communicate any changes to be made to the contribution. Where necessary, in the opinion of the revisers, the articles may be subjected to a third and final opinion.


- Third opinion: will be made by university professors specialized in the subject matter of the article, on the basis of form and content criteria. The third reviewer opinion will be final for the acceptance of the contribution.


The referee opinions will be delivered by the reviewers to the editors in writing. The editors in chief will provide to contact the authors by email and communicating  them the outcome of the peer review (accepted / not accepted with anonymous synthetic judgments of the reviewers and the dates of receipt of the judgments).


The opinions of the reviewers will be disclosed only in private, through the e-mail reported by the author.


Accepted papers will be published in the Materiali di Estetica. Terza Serie.