Studia austriaca

An international journal devoted to the study
 of Austrian culture and literature
Published annually in the spring
Hosted by Università degli Studi di Milano under OJS
ISSN 2385-2925

Editor-in-chief: Fausto Cercignani

Co-Editor: Marco Castellari

Editorial Board
Achim Aurnhammer (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)
Cornelia Blasberg (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
Alberto Destro (Università degli Studi di Bologna)
Konstanze Fliedl (Universität Wien)
Sylvie Le Moël (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Hubert Lengauer (Universität Klagenfurt)
David S. Luft (Oregon State University)
Patrizia C. McBride (Cornell University)
Marisa Siguan (Universitat de Barcelona)
Ronald Speirs (University of Birmingham)


Call for Papers / Submissions


Suggestions and proposals for publication are welcome!

We consider scholarly essays written in German, English, Italian, French or Spanish.

Scholars wishing to submit an article should send it to:

Deadline: 31st March of each year.

All essays should comply with a few essential typographic rules and be accompanied by a short abstract in English
(about 500-600 characters, including spaces).


Studia austriaca was founded 1992. For vols. I-XIX, published in print between 1992 and 2011, see:

Studia austriaca I-XIX (1992-2011)

The Editor-in-chief of “Studia austriaca”

Fausto Cercignani