«Besonders an der Verknappung und Entschlackung stossen sich die Germanisten». Nicolas Mahlers Kunstbetriebs-Comics als kleine Formen inter- und transmedialen Erzählens

[«Germanists take particular exception to processes of condensation and purification». Nicolas Mahler’s comics about the culture industry as short forms of inter- and transmedial narration]

  • Ursula Klingenböck Universität Wien, Austria


This article focuses on the comics of the Austrian artist Nicolas Mahler. Selected comics from Franz Kafkas nonstop Lachmaschine (2014) will be analysed as ‘minimalistic form’ and inter-spatial phenomena. In Mahler’s so-called ‘graphic anecdotes’, inter- and transmediality become evident in a variety of ways: in the form and organization of anthology, the construction of pseudo-epigraphs, and the accentuation of ‘transition’ and ‘in-between’. As they address and reflect on the position of comics in the literary field, they also contribute to the current discussion about graphic narrative