Eine Rhapsodie über Klimawandel und Flucht. Norbert Gstreins Roman «Die kommenden Jahre»

[A Rhapsody on Climate Change and Flight. Norbert Gstrein’s Novel «The Years to Come»]


  • Sabine Wilke University of Washington, WA (USA)




Norbert Gstrein’s novel Die kommenden Jahre (2018) addresses two central themes discussed in the media and public sphere of today, climate and migration. The main argument is that in the novel this occurs aesthetically in form of a rhapsodic connection between the two topics. How such a literary rhapsody works is shown in three steps: a discussion of the thematic articulation of climate and climate change by the characters (the majority of the main figures are climate researchers), an analysis of the poetic construction of rhapsodic movements on the level of the range of characters and their development, and a reading of the reciprocal relationship between climate, migration, and writing. In this novel, Gstrein develops a poetic model of narrating climate and migration.