Glück: Egoistisches Selbstkonzept oder ethische Herausforderung? Eine Untersuchung anhand von Peter Handkes «Eine Zwischenbemerkung über die Angst», «Die Sinnlosigkeit und das Glück» und «Versuch über den geglückten Tag»


  • Tanja Angela Kunz Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany



Moving from the thesis that the question of happiness centers on ethics, this paper con­tributes to the clarification of the concept and then discusses happiness as it is represented in the works of Peter Handke. The peculiarity of these representations of happiness is that they thematize happiness anachronistically with regard to the relevant “Zeitgeist”. By trac­ing down the ways in which happiness is processed in Handke’s works and by comparing the social implications of these strategies, this paper satisfies the desideratum that arises from the fact that the ethics of happiness in the works of Peter Handke have hardly re­ceived any scholarly attention.