Il muschio della memoria. Echi del passato in “Moos auf den Steinen” di Gerhard Fritsch. Con una postilla su Thomas Bernhard


  • Stefano Apostolo Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy



Gerhard Fritsch’s early novel Moos auf den Steinen (1956) represents a turning point in post-WWII Austrian literature. As other authors did just after the fall of the Habsburg Monar­chy, Fritsch outlines the new reality and the legacy his generation inherited from a dissolv­ing past. This essay focuses on the relevance of past memory in Moos auf den Steinen and on the way each character deals with it. Moreover, since Fritsch’s production represents a significant contribution to the poetics of Thomas Bernhard, the last chapter focuses en­tirely on their personal and professional relationship.