Gilgameš 3 CFP

Gilgameš is an acronym for Giornale Interdisciplinare di Lettere e Linguistica, Geografia, Arte e Archeologia, Musica e Spettacolo (Interdisciplinary Journal of Literary Studies, Linguistics, Geography, Art and Archaeology, Music and Performing arts). It is an open-access journal, which provides a venue for postgraduates and early career researchers interested in exchanging their research experiences. It is aimed at fostering a debate that may cross the boundaries of a single field, and may be promoted within all of the humanities, by taking into account the latest issues raised by the international research community.

Gilgameš arises from the doctorate in Literature, Arts and Environmental Heritage, which is connected to the department of Literary Studies, Philology and Linguistic, to the Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment and to the School of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication at the University of Milan.

The journal intends to reflect the interdisciplinary vocation of the doctorate itself; contributions from different fields are welcome – the fields are: Classical and Modern Literature and Philology, General and Italian Linguistics, Antiquities, Archaeology, Art History, Music and Performing Arts, Cultural Heritage, Geography and Environmental Sciences. The third issue of Gilgameš will welcome articles from the above-mentioned fields. The languages of publication are Italian, English, French and German. Gilgameš follows the double-blind peer review process, according to the international scientific criteria.

All submissions should be sent electronically to by 31st December 2019. All authors should follow the guidelines posted here: