Journal History

The project was born in 2010, when Ettore Brocca and Leonardo Caffo conceived of common and open philosophical research homebase for students.

The editorial and publishing processes of the journal involve three distinct functional organs:

  • Editorial Board (exclusively composed by students and dynamically renewed at the end of each student's career)
  • Scientific Board (exclusively composed by professors and researchers)
  • Authors (Undergraduate, BA/MA and Ph.D. students)

The scope of each one of these organs is thoroughly explained in the appropriate section, concerning the areas of interest, the focus and the policies of the journal.

The journal is supported by the DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals ( and is officially sponsored by the Italian society for analytic philosophy SIFA - Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica (, since 2011.

Starting from November 2011, RIFAJ is hosted by Riviste Unimi (, under the joint management of the University of Milan and CILEA (

Past members of the editorial board: (in alphabetical order)

  • Matilde Aliffi
  • Flavio Basso
  • Leda Berio
  • Ettore Brocca
  • Gianmarco Brunialti Masera
  • Leonardo Caffo
  • Mariaflavia Cascelli
  • Daniele Mario Cassaghi
  • Fabio Ceravolo
  • Giovanni Cinà
  • Mattia Cozzi
  • Michele Herbstritt
  • Giacomo Lini
  • Giulia Lorenzi
  • Carlo Monti
  • Marco Nicolini
  • Alessandro Rizzo
  • Martina Rosola
  • Martina Rovelli
  • Giorgio Sbardolini
  • Maria Scarpati
  • Mattia Sorgon