Since 2012, RIFAJ organises graduate conferences in collaboration with universities and research centres in Italy. The conferences are dedicated to the topic of the autumn special-issue and allow graduate students to show their work, engaging with other students as well as senior researchers. Call for Abstracts is circulated before the workshop and the abstracts are selected through peer review. RIFAJ workshops usually last one day and are divided in morning and afternoon sessions, where junior speakers’ talks are followed by a senior contribution and group discussion.

Below you can find the title and webpages of the conferences organised so far:

Workshop on Philosophy of Language: A Junior-Senior Debate on Quantification and Reference, Turin (2016)

Workshop on Metaphysics: A(nother) Junior-Senior Debate, Rome (2014)

Workshop on Epistemology: A Junior-Senior Debate, Modena (2013)

Workshop on Ethics: A Junior-Senior Debate, Milan (2012)