RT. A Journal on Research Policy and Evaluation 2018-09-03T11:05:18+00:00 Alberto Baccini Open Journal Systems <p>Roars Transactions, Journal on Research Policy and Evaluation (RT), è una rivista elettronica, open-access e &nbsp;peer-reviewed journal, pubblicata semestralmente. RT deriva dall'esperienza di (Return on Academic ReSearch), un blog collettivo (in tialiano) &nbsp;dedicato al monitoraggio e all'esame critico di policy e tendenze negli ambiti dell'educazione superiore e della ricerca pubblica. RT vuole estendere scopo e profondità dell'analisi del blogm sollecitando contributi scientifici da tutto il mondo. Allo stesso tempo RT vuole mantenerne e potenziarne le caratteristiche di interdisciplinarietà, rilevanza e apertura.</p> Post-publication peer review in biomedical journals: overcoming obstacles and disincentives to knowledge sharing 2018-09-03T11:05:18+00:00 Karen Shashok Valerie Matarese <p class="western" style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"><span><span>The importance of post-publication peer review (PPPR) as a type of knowledge exchange has been emphasized by several authorities in research publishing, yet biomedical journals do not always facilitate this type of publication. H</span></span>ere we<span><span> report our experience publishing a commentary intended to offer constructive feedback on a previously published article.</span></span> We found that publishing our comment required more time and effort than foreseen, bec<span><span>ause of obstacles encountered at some journals. Using our professional experience as</span></span><span> authors’ </span><span><span>editors</span></span><span> </span><span><span>and our knowledge of publication policies as a starting point, we reflect on the probable reasons behind these obstacles, and suggest ways in which journals could make PPPR easier. In addition, we argue that PPPR should be more explicitly valued and rewarded in biomedical disciplines, and suggest how these publications could be included in research evaluations. Eliminating obstacles and disincentives to PPPR is essential in light of the key roles of post-publication analysis and commentary in drawing attention to shortcomings in published articles that were overlooked during pre-publication peer review.</span></span></p><p class="western" style="margin-bottom: 0cm; font-weight: normal;"> </p> 2018-08-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2018 RT. A Journal on Research Policy and Evaluation