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Wayn Garry

Bio Statement Again and again there are rumors about dairy products, which supposedly make the skin image of humans with high consumption visibly deteriorate. So could one improve the skin quickly and easily by giving up milk and Co natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis.? Many forums are full of advice calling for the abandonment of milk. Finally, the skin image is supposed to have improved by up to 90% and impurities have largely disappeared. What could be the problems that arise when we take too many milk products? We clear up the rumors and create facts about milk products and impure skin!

7 Facts - The link between milk products and impure skin

1. Particularly during puberty, high milk consumption can be increased by containing hormones or molecules of bioactive type acne. This has been confirmed by several studies in the US but also in Europe.

2. Milk has been shown to increase estrogen levels. These changes bring the hormone balance together, the body reacts with over- or sub-functions.

3. In humans who consume much milk, the probability of acne, impure skin or skin diseases after studies is significantly increased.

4. The high glycemic value of the milk provides for a strong increase in the insulin in the human body. As a result of the release of insulin natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, pimples, edema and punctual skin infections are ultimately the result.

5. Tribal overseas, an example here is New Guinea, show that without milk products a better and healthier skin pattern would come. The lack of milk gives a lower blood glucose level in these peoples, many of our Western world suffer from too high a sugar level. Ultimately, this leads not only to impure skin but also to diabetes.

6. Ordinary milk from cows is in principle intended for the rearing of small calves. Paradoxically, however, it is also consumed by adult people. Although the hormones contained are not dangerous to humans, they are not designed and designed for their consumption at all. Therefore, some people may experience problems with digestion or with skin infections caused by milk.

7. Also, the not infrequent lactose intolerance among almost every other human being in the world shows that milk is not created is there a cure for seborrheic dermatitis for human consumption. Much more leads to malaise, convulsions or diarrhea in these cases.