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Re: Great. Thanks you very much

by federica gioele (2019-07-11)

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Becky walked through the kitchen to get to the pool in the backyard. She was wearing her new bikini and had the biggest grin on her face. Dad was still sitting at the breakfast table, reading the morning newspaper. She was wearing the smallest bikini that he had ever seen. It was white, and it almost glowed against her nice tan. Her nipples were hard as two small pebbles, and her jiggly ass drew his eyes like a powerful magnet. Dad was curious to know why there were no tan lines. Her breasts looked huge in that tiny top, and her pussy was mostly visible with only a two-inch-wide strip covering her slit. As she walked past her Dad, he turned his head, and all he could see were a few tiny One was across her back, one around her waist, and then one disappeared down into her butt crack. From behind, she appeared to be nude.

He tried but couldn't erase from his mind the image of his young daughter in her white bikini. Her nipples hard as two small pebbles and her jiggly ass in that small bikini which was practically invisible was permanently printed in his head.

"You can put on your swimsuit and join me at the pool if you would like Daddy," she said as she walked out the backdoor.

Dad rushed to the bathroom off the kitchen and stroked his cock to one of the most intense orgasms ever. He cleaned up the mess then went to the kitchen window and watched as his daughter seductively applied sunscreen to both breasts. His cock became hard again, just watching her. She used her index finger to push the fabric of her bikini bottom into the folds of her vagina, creating a beautiful camel toe. Becky pinched each nipple to make sure they would be erect when Daddy joined her. The next thing Dad knew, he was in his bathing suit and sitting in a deck chair across from his daughter, drooling over her camel toe, erect nipples, and overall sexiness. Becky took an ice cube from her mug and began rubbing it between her breast.

“It is so hot out here I could take a dip in a tub of ice,” she remarked as she enticingly moved the ice cube over the top of each breast. She lifted each side of her bikini top and teased her nipples with the ice cube. Dad’s cock almost exploded when his xxxvermelho.comdaughter popped that same ice cube into her mouth and started crunching it with her teeth.

Becky winked at her Dad and then giggled as she ran to jump into the chilly water of the swimming pool. Dad was close behind her. They splashed one another and played catch me if you can. It wasn’t long before he had her pinned against the side of the pool with her back to him. He pressed his hard cock against her butt and reached around her waist to caress one of her swollen nipples.