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What are the symptoms of depression in students?

by Rosie George (2019-07-26)

As teenagers often change moods, it can be difficult to recognize when your son or daughter has become depressed and may need help. The first thing that is usually observed is withdrawal, or when the adolescent stops doing things that he usually likes to do. There could be other changes in mood, including sadness or irritability. Or in their behavior, which includes appetite, energy level, sleep patterns and academic performance. If several of these symptoms are present, be aware of the possibility of depression.

This is especially important because for the moment that family members and people around the teenager observe their lack of interest in most things, or what we call anhedonia, they have generally been depressed for some time. Depression is an internalization disorder; that is, one that disrupts the emotional life of the patient, instead of an externalization disorder, which takes the form of a problematic or disturbing behavior. As such, it takes some time for others not only to recognize it but generally for the patient himself to realize that his thoughts and emotional responses are disturbed.

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