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100-105 Dumps

by billy messi (2018-10-17)

The Good Content: If you have just finished 100-105 Dumps Cisco's Networking Academy and are preparing for the 100-105 test, you need this book! As many of you NetAcad students already know, the NetAcad 100-105 study material can be long winded and dry. The Official 100-105 Cert Guide is SO refreshing after NetAcad. The content of this book is clear and concise. A topic that would take 100 pages to explain in Net Acad is explained in 20-30 pages in the Official Cert Guide. I sometimes wonder how Wendell Odom does it. How does he compress all that content into just 20-30 pages?!

Simlite: The free 100-105 exam dumps version of the simulator that comes with this book is great as well. It focuses mostly on part 2 of the book. One thing that I enjoyed about it is that it supports the show interfaces status command (a command that is not supported in Packet Tracer). At the time of this review, the full simulator is not out (I would buy it if it was). When it does come out, I'd definitely recommend buying it if you want structured labs that go along with the book. The other (more expensive) 100-105 exam practice questions to buying the simulator is buying real lab equipment. If you plan on just taking the CCNA 100-105 exam dumps, then I recommend 3 x 1841 routers (about $65 each) and 2 x 2960 switches (about $75 each). If you plan on also studying the CCNP then 3 x 2811 routers (about $85 each), 2 x 3560's (about $90 each) and 2 x 2960's will work.

Pictures, Examples, Config Checklists: This book has a lot of pictures (yay pictures!) to help you visualize what the network is doing and how everything is connected together. The pictures really help to solidify the information. The pictures are usually accompanied by examples of how the devices in the picture are configured. Again, this helps reinforce and solidify the concepts. Finally, the Config Checklists make labbing the material SOOO easy. They explain step-by-step what to do to configure a protocol, security, etc. Don't be intimidated by the size of this book! There are A LOT of pictures, examples, and config checklists that take up A LOT of pages.

The bad:
1. Errors: Okay there are a couple of errors (literally 2) that I've found while reading and fact checking this book along with the NetAcad materials. One is in figure 22-5. I won't mention what it is so that you can try to use what you've learned to discover the problem. The other is in table 6-4. The prompt that you see after entering the vlan global configuration command should be (config-vlan)# rather than hostname(vlan)# prompt as listed in the table. The hostname(vlan)# command was the prompt that was used with the legacy method for configuring methods. Also, the errors are so small in significance that it shouldn't dissuade you from buying the book.

This book is definitely worth the money. It covers the information needed for the 100-105 exam dumps 2018 and I definitely recommend it for anyone who has just finished NetAcad. There are a couple (literally 2!!) of MINOR errors, but they aren't significant enough to not buy the book.