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Uncompromised Life

by Nishish Sandy (2019-02-22)

One of the primary dynamics behind procrastination is a fear associated with taking action.Uncompromised Life Review It could be fear of success. It could be fear of failure. It could be fear Another thing driving procrastination can be simple lack of planning. Without weekly planning, and weekly assessment of accomplishment of your plans, you have no urgency or accountability. Without a plan, without timelines and without clarity on what to accomplish by when, procrastination makes more "sense". It is simply a time filler you use to avoid taking action on something you are unclear about.What do you procrastinate about? This is an interesting question to ask yourself. Since procrastination is an avoidance behavior, you might take a look to see what it is you're avoiding. Are you avoiding what you fear might change in your life when you succeed? Are you avoiding being the greatness you are capable of? Are you avoiding actions required once you've completed the current procrastinated action? Are you avoiding truly committing to your life? Are you avoiding the great feeling you get when you handle what you've been procrastinating about? Are you avoiding taking charge of your life and instead "killing time" with trivial activities? Are you avoiding the great burst of energy that comes from action rather than procrastinating.