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by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-16)

Exfoliation - You don't have to spend all Hydralyft of your money on expensive medical treatments to get rid of stretch marks. You can begin the process right in your own home by exfoliating the affected areas. Exfoliating the affected areas on a daily basis gets rid of dead skin cells which brings about a refreshing glow to the skin and diminishes the appearance of striae. The best tools for the job are a loofah sponge and exfoliation cream during a hot shower or bath.Massage - Some experts claim that massage can actually reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Massage increases the amount of blood flow to the skin which is supposed to help heal and repair. Olive oil and cocoa butter are typically used for this type of treatment.Diet - Eating a diet rich in vitamins, protein, and zinc is said to help in the development of collagen fibers in the skin. It's also a good idea to drink plenty of water since this also helps to maintain the skin's elasticity. Water is especially important when trying to prevent additional stretch marks from forming.Topical Acids - Lactic and glycolic acids can help reduce the redness often associated with newly formed striae. Both lactic and glycolic acids can be purchased online from various sources, however it's always a good idea to make sure these websites are legitimate and that you're getting quality products. You also want to read the directions carefully before treating yourself with these chemical since serious burns can occur.Aloe Vera Stretch Mark Gel - This healing plant contains various enzymes and special minerals that are said to be able to penetrate down into the deeper skin layers. The vitamins and minerals contained in Aloe can help to nourish damaged skin. When applied on a regular schedule, aloe can also help to prevent new stretch marks from forming. Home Recipes for Stretch Marks