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Memory Hack

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-20)

That said, I thought it would be nice to share with Memory Hack everyone five of the most effective techniques I personally use to help myself relax and shoo away stress the minute I start to feel it creeping in. Read on...Meditation is often equated with activities like yoga, and while yoga is indeed an important physical exercise that will help in facilitating the practice of meditation, it's not always necessary to do so.Some medical experts define meditation as any repetitive practice. So if you find cycling, running, walking, swimming or even painting repeatedly is something that helps you calm your frayed nerves, think of it as moving meditation.Just keep this in mind: while you're in the thick of these activities, focus on what you're doing instead of letting your mind wander back to whatever it is that stresses you out. If, in the middle of a brush stroke, you start to hear your boss' voice, just bring yourself back to the present and remind yourself to enjoy 'being in the moment'.This is a particularly easy technique to do, and personally my favourite. However, because of its simplicity, most of us tend to overlook the great benefits of deep breathing.I don't know if you notice this, but in tense situations, people hold their breaths, and those who suffer most from stress tend to breathe short and shallow (think of someone hyperventilating). When you catch yourself doing this, it's a signal that you're feeling frazzled. So try to lengthen your breaths. Take it in nice, deep and slow. Feel your body expand as you inhale. And when you exhale, let all the air out of your lungs before breathing in deeply again.