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Gaias protocol review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-20)

Like many men and women you may Gaia's protocol review have a mole that is on your face or body and you would rather it not be there. A flat mole on the face might be one of the greatest flaw that many people would like to change. First lets answer a few common questions you may have regarding flat moles. They are a spot on the skin that is a different color or pigment than the surrounding skin. It has little to no border and is usually benign if the border is smooth and the size and shape has remained constant. They occur in cases where the cells producing color or pigmentation form in a cluster or group rather than spread evenly throughout the skin. The cells that produce this pigmentation are referred to as melanocytes. Moles can disappear for no reason. This is usually not a concern but cancerous moles can also disappear. If there is cancer it does not go away just because the mole vanished. Most moles that are removed in a surgical fashion will leave a small scar. Often times this can be hidden with a small amount of cosmetic surgery. Yes.they can be removed safely by a variety of methods. They can be removed surgically with the aid of certain creams or even some home remedies. Again you may want to first have your flat mole examined by a doctor. Especially if there has been any type of change in it such as size color or shape. Many people have experienced good results with various home remedies. Caution should be exercised if choosing to remove a flat mole from your face. Some of the home remedies such as garlic or pineapple can burn or irritate the delicate facial skin. This becomes more risky if you are in the public eye regularly. Some people choose to try crushed cashew nuts but with todays nut allergies, even that can be detrimental.