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by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-23)

This tip is meant for those that want to indulge a LumaSlim little. If you're on a strict diet and still crave a little bit of something here and there, reward yourself with one meal of whatever you enjoy most. If you're a fan of mac & cheese for instance, let yourself have some for one meal out of your week. You'll find that the world is made new when you indulge one meal out of the many you have during your week. Make it a goal to get through your plan until that awesome moment when you indulge, and do it weekly. You'll find it easier to accomplish your goals when there is a sweet reward at the end of each week.The above 3 tips are meant for those that are struggling with dieting and losing weight. Even if you're not in the struggle, you will find that you can make major strides forward by simply adhering to the simplicity of the aforementioned tips. Try them out, and see how much you can lose over time.Most people would think, and believe, that burning belly fat is difficult. These are the same people that believe that you can only exercise to burn fat. Finally, these same people are starving themselves just in order to burn belly fat. They don't realize that by changing their approach, and eating the right foods, that they can begin to burn fat quickly and easily.Processed foods is your big enemy. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Food manufacturers are so good at creating junk food in a box, it isn't even funny. Problem is that a high percentage of these foods are marketed to our children. It's no wonder why our next generation of children are growing up obese. Processed foods have so much garbage in them, that it is almost impossible for out bodies to burn fat. Eliminating these foods completely from your diet will go a long way to helping you burn fat quickly.Foods that Burn Fat.