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Vision RX Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-01)

It is a good idea to start & finish with this Eye Vision RX Relaxation method when carrying out an Eye Exercise session. Rub your hands together for 15 - 20 secs to get them warm. First, close your eyes. Cup your hands and place them over the eyes (either side of the nose) so that the fingertips are on the eyebrows & the bottoms of your palms are resting on your cheeks. Make sure the palms are not touching the eyes. Take slow deep breaths & exhale, relaxing your mind. Do this for 2 - 3 minutes.With a pen in your hand - hold it out at arms length and focus on it. Keeping your focus on the pen slowly bring it towards you until it touches your nose (this should take 7 - 10 secs) Now move it back out to arms length at the same speed. Carry out this exercise 10 times.This exercise is best carried out sitting down. With your head facing forward move your eyes as far to the left as possible. Hold this position for 2 secs. Now move your eyes as far to the right as possible & again hold for 2 secs Repeat from left to right 10 times. Now raise your eyes as far up as possible & hold for 2 secs, then lower them as far down as possible, again hold for 2 secs Next roll your eyes round in a clockwise circle - making the circle as large as possible. Do this 5 times. After this, do the same but Anti-clockwise. Now relax your eyes.This exercise is best carried out in front of a window. Select an object to focus on about 10 - 15 feet away. e.g. a tree. Now hold a pen approx 10 inches in front of you in the same direction as the object you selected for distant focus. Start by focusing on the pen & holding for 5 secs - then shift your focus to the distant object & again hold for 5 secs. Carry this exercise ten times.This exercise is also best carried out sitting. It is slightly more difficult than the Cross & Circle exercise. With your head facing forward start to follow an imaginary figure eight with your eyes in a clockwise direction - making the figure eight as large as possible. Do this five times. Now change to anti-clockwise & carry this out five times.