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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-03)

Then use Search Engine Marketing, and continue Profit Genesis 2.0 practicing sound Search Engine Optimization. This will ensure you show up on the first page of search engines such as Google, and Yahoo (the new Phonebooks).In that case hop on down to the digital town square, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or use Banner and Video Ads on a local website that is trusted, and viewed by members in the community. This will allow you to communicate with your customers, and establish your business as a trusted leader.Then you my friend need Targeted Display. Targeted Display will allow you to display your message on a variety of websites on National Ad Networks. These websites are the sites your target customers frequent the most, and are chosen based off a number of factors (Age, location, hobbies, income, etc.). This will ensure your Advertising message is in the same place as your key customers, or you may say the same section... (Newspapers).Now that you know what you already knew, go out there and give your customers a digital "Hello!" I'm sure they've missed you, and I'm sure you've missed them as well.If you were to open a brick and mortar retail store, would you simply ask a realtor for a storefront and be given one for free? Would the city give you utilities at no cost? Would thousands of people walk into your store every month without an advertising budget or even any planning?Yet this is exactly how most people looking to make money online approach an online business. And it isn't completely their fault. For years shady marketers have claimed we can make thousands a month doing next to nothing. In reality, they are trying to make quick and easy sales from their internet marketing products by manipulating our hope.