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Teds Woodworking Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-04)

All trees have heartwood in the centre of Teds woodworking the trunk and sapwood under the bark. Often the two are similar, but sometimes there is a colour contrast, the sapwood usually being lighter. Laburnum, yew and whitebeam are species with a particularly strong contrast. Some species such as ash may have coloured streaks in the heartwood.All these natural features can add interest and enhance the beauty of the wood and make it very suitable for decorative pieces. Such timber is fine for fruit bowls, but a wood bowl that is heavily spalted or burred or has bark inclusions is not recommended for moist food.Sometimes, the turner will add colour, carving or other decoration to the finished item.But good turning does not depend on colourful timber. Satisfying though it is to use highly decorative materials, many turners also enjoy using timbers such as holly or hornbeam, which may be pale in colour and without prominent grain. They give greater emphasis to the turned shape of the piece.Woodturning is a process that combines craft and art. A good turner will give careful attention to the aesthetics of everything he or she makes, and this shows in the quality of the finished product.The best hand turned work is far superior to most of the mass-produced stuff that you see in the shops. More attractive timber can be used, and the individual attention each piece receives allows it to be given a more elegant shape, crisper detailing and a finer finish. Craft work of this quality is beautiful enough to display in its own right.