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The best wedding photographers
If you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Ibiza you are isolated in the quiet corner of the mountains on the edge of Ses Salines. Not to mention that it is situated in a certainly blue sky.

Like every season the island of Ibiza falls in love with thousands of tourists who fly from all corners to visit their corners. Ibiza is well known for its sybaritism and condescending spirit, but what is really exceptional about this island is the diversity that lives harmoniously. The region of Ibiza will be many atmospheres at the same time with an uncountable alternative of airs that move from the urban to the rural, from the active to the most permissive.

For those who arrive or repeat in the area to discover another hidden secret, we will welcome you to the modern mansion in the area of Ibiza, Paissa d'en Bernat. An untouched garden of incredible tranquillity, a unique wedding spot in Ibiza that combines refinement with rustic and gives a unique look in the direction of luxury feeling loyal to its Ibizan heritage.