Call for papers: Research Policy: insights from Social Epistemology

"How do we best design social institutions for the advancement of learning?  The philosophers have ignored the social structure of science. The point, however, is to change it". Through this Marxian-flavoured plea, 27 years ago the philosopher Philip Kitcher invited philosophers to care about the social structure of science. Kitcher’s invitation had both a descriptive and a normative purpose, by aiming not only to understand how science works, but also how to modify and ameliorate its functioning.


Accepting Kitcher’s challenge, this special issue aims at making social epistemology interact with research policy, taking a critical-normative stance towards actual practices. In particular, it aims at bridging philosophical analysis with political concerns about research  policies, by including for example research evaluation, scientific communication funding, scientific careers, (inter)disciplinary organization.

We encourage references to relevant empirical literature, e.g. sociology and economics of science, bibliometrics, computational modelling. Papers providing and motivating some policy implications are favoured, although even other kinds of contributions (e.g. historical or analytical) may be considered for publication.

The special issue will be edited by Eugenio Petrovich and Marco Viola.

Deadline for authors: September 15, 2017

Issue on line expected December 2017