DIKE 18 (2015)


E.M. Harris, The Meaning of the Legal Term Symbolaion, the Law about Dikai Emporikai and the Role of the Paragraphe Procedure.

D. Avilés, Homologia in the Citations of the Attic Orators.

R. Zelnick-Abramovitz, Whose Grave is this? The status of Grave Plots in Ancient Greece.

U. Yiftach, Family Cooperation in Contracts: Patterns and Trends.

Y. Rotman, The Imperial Eunuch: Traces of Hellenistic Institution in Roman Epigraphy.

L. Pepe, Ph. Scheibelreiter, XX Symposion of Greek and Hellenistic Law.

A. Maffi, Rassegna critica