El autor de fanfiction y la creación colectiva contemporánea


  • Claudia González Rivas Universidad de Oviedo




Fanfictions have become the most extended literary phenomenon online in the past few years. Internet allows writers to freely create and share their texts, as well as to get in touch with their readers, which produces a reciprocal relationship that benefits the author and influences the texts. However, this new appropriating literature implies some problematic questions, such as the difficulty to identify the author as an individual, and to understand his/her virtual birth process. This research critically analyzes the problems that the author of fanfiction raises, by using Foucault and Barthes’ theories for the relationship with the text, as well as Lacan’s theory when it comes about the birth and development of the figure of the author in online media.

Biografia autore

Claudia González Rivas, Universidad de Oviedo

Claudia González Rivas se licenció en Filología Hispánica en la Universidad de Oviedo en 2014 y obtuvo su máster en Estudios Hispánicos en Villanova University en 2016. Durante este tiempo, ha publicado varios relatos en distintos journals, así como su primera novela, Golden Galaxy Tour (Tandaia 2016). Asimismo, ha trabajado y estudiado brevemente en la Universidad de Maryland. Actualmente investiga de manera independiente y busca un nuevo país al que mudarse.




Come citare

González Rivas, Claudia. 2018. «El Autor De Fanfiction Y La creación Colectiva contemporánea». Altre Modernità, n. 19 (maggio):101-14. https://doi.org/10.13130/2035-7680/10110.



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