The Linguistic Construction of Confirmation Niches in Online Comment Sequences



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CMC exchanges, Digital CA, confirmation niche


This paper analyses the dialogic structure occurring in an asynchronous discussion forum taken as a talk-in-interaction venue, and a confirmation niche.
I employ a conversation-analysis based approach adapted to online written texts (Antaki et al. 2005; Herring, 2013; Giles et al. 2015) and studied in the context of forum participative writings (Stommel and Lamerichs, 2014) as an interactional event (Herring 2007), and confirmation site (Quattrociocchi and Vicini, 2016).
Results show that the exchange is construed by adapting conversation-like concepts within an asynchronous and written mode of communication, and that the participatory framework is the ground where opposing groups interact and build a personal confirmation niche, which represents a relevant barrier to a critical discourse attitude.



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Marianna Lya Zummo, Università degli Studi di Palermo

Marianna Lya Zummo is researcher at the University of Palermo. Her interests cover issues in genre, communication dynamics and studies on the dimension of modality and evidentiality. Her research is primarily related to issues in health communication in online contexts. Recent publications include: "Posting for Consensus, Sharing Consensus. The Case of Migrants on Facebook, Ideological Views and Echo Chambers” (2018); A Linguistic Analysis of the Online Debate on Vaccines and Use of Fora as Information Stations and Confirmation Niche (2017); New Health Advice: Health Forum Sites as a Change of Discourse Frame, from Doctor-to-Patient to User-to-User 2016); The Web Participatory Environment: a New Genre in Health Exchange, 2015; Evidentiality and Commitment: An example from Sports Medical Writing, 2014; Formal and Informal Features in CMMC. Some observation on Doctor-Patient Interaction in Online Communication, 2012.





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Zummo, Marianna Lya. 2018. «The Linguistic Construction of Confirmation Niches in Online Comment Sequences». Altre Modernità, ottobre, 107-23.