Visibility Strategies: On the Imprudence of the Art on Walls



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Walls; Art; Graffiti; Aesthetics; Revolt


This paper examines the common imagery of the inscriptions found on the
walls of some Latin American and European cities. We aim to understand the graffiti and
other mural artistic manifestations as an insurgence of the words. In order to reflect
critically on these manifestations, we examine how the visual language of graffiti relates
to visual art and literature. To this end, we follow Aby Warburg's Atlas Mnemosyne
method to address narrative representations as contemporary generational trends.
With the help of the theoretical approach of Walter Benjamin's studies of art and politics,
we intend to reflect on the aestheticization of revolt through the appropriation of public
spaces. The central point of the paper is to think about walls as places for experimenting
with marginal forms of co-creation that question the strategies of visibility of the urban
semiological regime. As a conclusion, we interrogate the aesthetics of the revolt using
the notions of territory and contemporary culture. The walls have not only become a
space for political struggle, but also supports for creative urban practices where art
meets the everyday life.


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Biografia autore

Angélica Adverse, Federal University of Minas Gerais

Angélica Adverse is adjunct Professor at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal
University of Minas Gerais and at the Graduate Program in Arts at the State University of
Minas Gerais. PhD in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of
Minas Gerais, with a research period at the ACTE Institute, Paris I - Sorbonne. She
conducted postdoctoral research in the Graduate Program in History at the Faculty of
Philosophy and Human Sciences of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. She currently
conducts research on the relationship between the subject and the city based on the
relations between Fashion, Art and Design. Her theoretical approach encompasses the
fields of history, aesthetics and philosophy of art. She is the author of the following
books: Moda: Moderna Medida do Tempo (fashion: modern measure of time - Editora
Estação das Letras e Cores, 2012) and Imagens São Espelhos (images are mirrors - Author’s
Edition, 2013). She has received several awards, such as the SIFA (1996) -Toronto and
the CAPES Thesis Award (2017) for the best Brazilian thesis in Arts.




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Adverse, Angélica. 2021. «Visibility Strategies: On the Imprudence of the Art on Walls». Altre Modernità, n. 25 (maggio):199-220.