Customer-friendly Approach or Pidginization of German Tourist Discourse


  • Brigita Bosnar-Valkovic University of Rijeka (Croatia)
  • Anamarija Gjuran-Coha University of Rijeka


Parole chiave:

tourist discourse, customer friendly approach, Anglo-American influence, pidginization


If the sentences or phrases like Fast Food-Konzept in Chile, Leonardo goes Gastronomie, Der Claim „Inspiration for modern living“, WM-Countdown läuft; Deutschland ist die fünftgrößte Incoming-Destination weltweit und … are considered, the first impression is that this is a typical mixture of both English and German. To all intents and purposes, they support the main part of a definition of pidgin language.
Communication plays a central role in tourism. As emphasized by numerous authors, it is a personification of tourism; conversely tourism could be said to totally encompass a system of communication. As it is a crucial component of the industry, tourist discourse not only serves as a medium for buying/selling tourist products, it also assumes the role of the product itself within the complexity of various economic, technological and political processes in tourism. If analyzed within linguistic norms, discussion of Anglo-American influence on the German tourist discourse should focus on the problem of erosion of the national language, due to the impact of these Ango-Americanisms. The German tourist discourse aims at a customer-friendly approach in order to attract potential buyers or guests, all of which results in a slightly pidginized version of the German tourist discourse.

Biografie autore

Brigita Bosnar-Valkovic, University of Rijeka (Croatia)

Brigita Bosnar-Valkovic is a senior lecturer at Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the University of Rijeka (Croatia) where she teaches English and German as LSP in tourism. Her main research areas are specialized tourist discourse and the field of languages in contact especially focused on the  Angloamerican influence on German and Croatian specialized discourse. She has published on languages in contact and on the specialized tourist discourse in English (teaching publications), German and Croatian.

Anamarija Gjuran-Coha, University of Rijeka

Anamarija Gjuran-Coha is an assistant professor at Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka where she teaches English and Italian. Her main research interest is specialized medical discourse in English, Croatian and Italian. She has published numerous articles in the field of linguistics  and has participated in language conferences worldwide.




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Bosnar-Valkovic, Brigita, e Anamarija Gjuran-Coha. 2012. «Customer-Friendly Approach or Pidginization of German Tourist Discourse». Altre Modernità, febbraio, 59-74.