Assessing Specialized Translation In Academic Contexts: A Case Study


  • Kim Grego Università degli Studi di Milano


Parole chiave:

translation Studies, ESP, translation teaching


This paper discusses translation assessment, first of all by briefly outlining the topic, then by restricting the reflection to specialized translation in didactic contexts and, finally, by discussing how to determine assessment criteria in one specific academic case, the ‘English specialized translation’ course of the ‘Lingue moderne per la comunicazione e la cooperazione internazionale’ Master’s programme of the University of Milan, Italy. Both generic (common to all Master’s programmes in the same ministerial class) and specific (typical of this course) factors were listed, examined and summed up in a preliminary study that may be used as the basis for developing a possible translation assessment model applicable to the case considered.

Biografia autore

Kim Grego, Università degli Studi di Milano

Kim Grego is a researcher and lecturer in English Linguistics and Translation at the University of Milan, where she teaches English Linguistics and Specialized Translation. Her interests include Translation Studies, ESP, Discourse Analysis and Genre Analysis. Recent publications are: Specialized Translation: Theoretical issues, operational perspectives (2010), and “Intercultural and Ideological Issues in Lexicography: A Prototype of a Bioethics Dictionary” (2012).




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Grego, Kim. 2012. «Assessing Specialized Translation In Academic Contexts: A Case Study». Altre Modernità, ottobre, 116-27.



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