Toybe Pan e la tradizione della scrittura femminile nella letteratura yiddish antica


  • Claudia Rosenzweig Università di Bar-Ilan (Ramat Gan)


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Yiddish antico, Gender Studies, Letteratura yiddish, Preghiera ebraica, Praga, Toybe Pan, Tkhines, Peste



Toybe Pan (17th century) is one of the first women who left a poem signed with her own name. Before her, we find in Yiddish literature considerable quantities of texts clearly written for a feminine audience and it is very difficult to find texts written by women ? it is possible to find letters, but not literary works. Rivke Tiktiner's published book of Muser changes this pattern. It was after Tiktiner's work that Toybe Pan wrote a poem on the plauge in Prague, and presents the scholar with the first woman writer in Yiddish literature who tries to find her own voice. In the present paper I wish to highlight the characteristics of her writing, and to suggest that this poem should not be read univocally as a tkhine, as scholarly literature has done rather coherently to this day, but rather as an example of the so-called historical songs written in the style of the tkhine.


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Claudia Rosenzweig, Università di Bar-Ilan (Ramat Gan)

Claudia Rosenzweig ha completato il Dottorato di Ricerca in Letteratura Yiddish antica presso l'Università Ebraica di Gerusalemme, sotto la guida di Chava Turniansky e Erika Timm. Attualmente insegna presso l'Università di Bar-Ilan (Ramat Gan) e si occupa di letteratura yiddish nei secoli XV-XVIII. Ha collaborato tra l'altro all'edizione del volume: Turniansky, Chava - Timm, Erika, Yiddish in Italia. Manoscritti e libri a stampa in yiddish dei secoli XV-XVII, Associazione Italiana degli Amici dell'Universit… di Gerusalemme, Milano 2003.




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Rosenzweig, Claudia. 2014. «Toybe Pan E La Tradizione Della Scrittura Femminile Nella Letteratura Yiddish Antica». Altre Modernità, aprile, 14-31.



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