The ‘Noir’ in David Peace’ s Shadow

  • Manuela Barretta


The ‘Noir’ in David Peace’ s Shadow
by Manuela Barretta
A Conversation with David Peace (Tokyo, April 28, 2008)

Biografia autore

Manuela Barretta
Manuela Barretta earned her MA degree in Culture e Linguaggi per la Comunicazione
at the University of Milan, where she wrote a dissertation about the ‘noir’ in graphic
novel. Her research interests focus on cinema, contemporary art, street art, graphic
novels and cultural studies. She is currently working as an Italian language assistant in
Street, Somerset (UK) where she also works for Atkinson Art Gallery.
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Barretta, Manuela. 2009. «The ‘Noir’ in David Peace’ S Shadow». Altre Modernità, n. 1 (dicembre), 95-102.
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