The Discreet Charm of Manipulation


  • Jorge Díaz Cintas (a cura di) University College, London
  • Ilaria Parini (a cura di) Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Irene Ranzato (a cura di) Università La Sapienza, Roma





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Biografie autore

Jorge Díaz Cintas (a cura di), University College, London

Jorge Díaz Cintas is Professor in Translation and Director of the Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) at University College London. He has written numerous articles, special issues and books on audiovisual translation and serves as the Chief Editor of the series New Trends in Translation Studies. He is one of the directors of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation and a member of the international research group TransMedia and the EU LIND (Language Industry) Expert Group. He is the recipient of the Jan Ivarsson Award (2014) and the Xènia Martínez Award (2015) for invaluable services to the field of audiovisual translation.

Ilaria Parini (a cura di), Università degli Studi di Milano

Ilaria Parini, PhD in English Linguistics and Translation (State University of Milan), is a contract lecturer in English language and translation at the State University of Milan and at IULM University of Milan. She has published the book Italian American Gangsterspeak. Linguistic Characterization of Italian American Mobsters in American Cinema and in Italian Dubbing (LAP 2013), and various articles in books and journals. Her research interests are mainly related to the translation of geographically and socially connoted varieties, and to issues of censorship and manipulation in translation, especially in audiovisual translation.

Irene Ranzato (a cura di), Università La Sapienza, Roma

Irene Ranzato, PhD in Translation Studies (Imperial College London), is a researcher and lecturer in English language and translation at Sapienza University of Rome, where she teaches translation (audiovisual and intersemiotic) and English language for BA and MA courses. Her research focuses on censorship and manipulation in dubbing, the translation of regional and social varieties of English, the analysis of film and television dialogue and the translation of cultural references, about which she has recently published a book: Translating Culture Specific References on Television: The Case of Dubbing (2016, Routledge).




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(a cura di), Jorge Díaz Cintas, Ilaria Parini (a cura di), e Irene Ranzato (a cura di). 2016. «The Discreet Charm of Manipulation». Altre Modernità, febbraio, I-IX.



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