The Dubbing of Gay-themed TV Series in Italy: Corpus-based Evidence of Manipulation and Censorship


  • Annalisa Sandrelli UNINT, Roma


Parole chiave:

dubbing, corpus, TV series, gayspeak, censorship, manipulation


The manipulation and censorship of taboo and sensitive references in AVT has attracted the interest of several scholars over the last few years, but systematic studies of the impact of such practices on different genres in different countries are still needed. The paper analyses the Italian dubbing of three gay-themed TV series, Queer as Folk, Queer as Folk (US remake), and The L Word. Gay-themed series are less mainstream on Italian TV channels than in the UK and the USA, and gayspeak as a linguistic phenomenon is not well-known to Italian audiences. Consequently, the Italian dubbed dialogues are the product of different degrees of manipulation and even censorship. The paper finds empirical evidence of such alterations in data from the DubTalk corpus and attempts a tentative evaluation of the impact of such practices on the Italian versions of the above-mentioned series.

Biografia autore

Annalisa Sandrelli, UNINT, Roma

Lecturer in English at UNINT in Rome, where she teaches Consecutive Interpreting, Respeaking, and Film Language and Audiovisual Translation. A practising conference interpreter, her research interests include AVT (dubbing, subtitling, respeaking and audiodescription), interpreting and legal English. She is involved in the DubTalk project, the LARIM group on interpreting, the Eurolect Observatory and the EU-funded Understanding Justice project. In June 2015 she organized the Fifth Symposium on Live Subtitling, Respeaking and Accessibility at UNINT. Her most recent work on AVT concerns the translation of references to the US legal system in courtroom dramas dubbed into Italian (forthcoming).




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Sandrelli, Annalisa. 2016. «The Dubbing of Gay-Themed TV Series in Italy: Corpus-Based Evidence of Manipulation and Censorship». Altre Modernità, febbraio, 124-43.