Sujeto político y educación pública


  • Jaume Martínez Bonafé Universidad de Valencia


Parole chiave:

political subject, public educación, social transformación


Against essentialist looks besieging the concept of political subject as an a priori, it is proposed here reflect on the dynamic and dialogic process of construction of the subject and the conditions required: the event, the construction of situations, the political drift, the desire of rebellion, and the production of knowledge, the creation of meaning.
Education is a social field in constant dispute, at least in Europe for universal policies, in the nineteenth century, but the current extreme situation conflicting positions. Education -in Bourdieu's notion of social space where agents equipped with different cultural capitals dispute its hegemony. Education can be a laboratory in which to test the possibilities and limits of public political project of citizenship, the project of the public sphere. I think that education can contribute, therefore, to the construction of the political subject if it facilitates the conceptual and procedural tools for policy learning reading of reality, to analyze what holds us to understand that we confers identity and subjectivity. Education will be truly educational if you feed the desire to walk and explore new possibilities of living in a dialogic understanding the differences; will be truly educational if active teaching strategies that allow the creation of life experiences based in the rebel gesture against all forms o control.


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Jaume Martínez Bonafé, Universidad de Valencia

Jaume Martínez Bonafé, es profesor titular de la Universidad de Valencia. Susprincipales líneas de investigación están relacionadas con las políticas de control delcurriculum, la formación del profesorado y los estudios culturales. Participa enprogramas de doctorado con el estudio de las relaciones entre conocimiento y poderen educación. Sus publicaciones más recientes profundizan en el análisis discursivo dela ciudad como productora de identidad y subjetivación




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Martínez Bonafé, Jaume. 2016. «Sujeto político Y educación Pública». Altre Modernità, aprile, 41-50.