Staging Hamlet (2015)


  • Marco Isidori



In their thirty-years activity, Marcido Marcidorjs e Famosa Mimosa have been challenging received and ingrained ideas of drama by developing a style capable of reflecting the enormous vacuum of our time, without fearing to be outdated, without having to stick to any agenda but the one dictated by our will to bear witness.
"Hamlet" is still able to fascinate us thanks to its uncommon psychological analysis, one which is surprisingly linear, despite - or should we rather say because of? - the depth and density of the knowledge that it conveys. "Hamlet"'s magic works through its poetry, which is like a scan enabling us to sound the inmost recesses of human action. The storyline, therefore, necessarily becomes a mere pre-text of representation, which, in fact, is almost always the case with us, since we are never content with just telling a story.


Biografia autore

Marco Isidori

Marco Isidori, producer, actor, author and stage director, is the Artistic Director of the theatre company Marcido Marcidorjs e Famosa Mimosa, which he founded with set designer Daniela Dal Cin in 1984. He directs all the company's productions and generally plays the lead roles. He developed the research method of this ensemble company and has authored several rewritings of classic plays, especially Shakespeare, such as "Vortice del Macbeth" ("Macbeth's Vortex", 2001) and "AmletOne!" (2015). At the moment (September 2017) he is working on "Lear, schiavo d'amore" ("Lear, love's slave").




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Isidori, Marco. 2017. «Staging Hamlet (2015)». Altre Modernità, novembre, 160-63.



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