Intervallo Nello spazio e nel tempo d’un sogno


  • Simona Medolago



Two fugitives find themselves in a garden, a place clearly created by man, waiting for someone to pick them up and give them a new possibility, a new life. Two different people, with different expectations from life and very different dreams for the future, wait for something to happen, ready to seize the moment. That is what the whole play is about: sometimes people need to escape, to leave everything behind, it is all they crave for, but, sometimes, even if they have the chance to do so, they lack the courage to do it for real. When all you know is murder, theft and crime, it is difficult to dream of something better, and sometimes, the dream abruptly ends, revealing what is real and what is not.

Biografia autore

Simona Medolago

Simona Medolago, born in 1986, after graduating in Linguistic and cultural mediation sciences, began working in the theatre, studying acting in Italy and abroad and working as an assistant director. In 2017 she graduated in European and Extraeuropean languages and literatures at the University of Milan. She has recently taken part in the translation of Richard Brome's “The Sparagus Garden”. She collaborates with the Cultural Association Spazio Verticale.




Come citare

Medolago, Simona. 2017. «Intervallo Nello Spazio E Nel Tempo d’un Sogno». Altre Modernità, novembre, 187-99.



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