La representación de la experiencia del cautiverio a través de la confrontación / correlación simbólica entre espacio público y privado en Frazadas del Estadio Nacional de Jorge Montealegre



Parole chiave:

Chilean narrative; testimonial novel; narrative identity; Estatal represion; topofilia / topofobia


Making memory through writing, that is, recomposing one's own personal experience as a victim of state terrorism in many Latin American countries through its literary representation, entails, among many other consequences, considering places and objects, normally belonging to different semantic spheres, within the optic of violence and disappearance. In 2003, Jorge Montealegre published the novel-testimony Frazadas del Estadio Nacional, in which he reconstructs the months spent in captivity, from the first days of Pinochet's coup, in September 28th, 1973, in the National Stadium in Santiago, together with thousands of prisoners, until November of the same year, when the writer was transferred to another clandestine centre, Chacabuco, and then expelled from the country in July 1974. Right from the title, Montealegre's work attributes a connotative value to a public sporting space – the National Stadium – and to an everyday, familiar object – the blanket – in addition to their ordinary significance, turning them into symbols of the traumatic experience of the condition of detainees in clandestine concentration camps. The process of conversion of these two terms, reiterated within the pages of the novel, into signs of identification of the symbolic space of the testimonial discourse is the subject of my intervention.

Biografia autore

Maria Alessandra Giovannini, Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”

Maria Alessandra Giovannini is an Associate Professor in Spanish Literature. She is teaching Spanish Language, Spanish Literature and Contemporary Catalan Literature at the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, in the Dipartimento di Studi Letterari, Linguistici e Comparati.
Her fields of investigation are Contemporary Spanish Literature, ‘Siglo de Oro’ Theatre, Literary translations of Contemporary Spanish and Catalans Narrative; Testimonial Narrative in Authobiographies by political prisoners during Spanish Civil War, Franchism and State Terrorism of last dictatorships in ‘Cono Sur’





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Giovannini, Maria Alessandra. 2021. «La representación De La Experiencia Del Cautiverio a través De La confrontación / Correlación simbólica Entre Espacio Público Y Privado En Frazadas Del Estadio Nacional De Jorge Montealegre». Altre Modernità, marzo, 77-89.