Sports, Global Politics, and Social Value Change: A Research Agenda


  • Lars Rensmann John Cabot University, Rome


Parole chiave:

conflict, cosmopolitanism, global sports, globalization, international politics, social identity, value change


Despite their important role in forging, constructing and self-ascribing social identities and shaping popular culture, sports have long been a marginalized subject of social science inquiry, cultural studies, and research on international politics. Only in recent years this has begun to change. The article seeks to advance the still nascent but emerging cross-disciplinary field of research on sports and global politics in two ways: first, by addressing largely unexplored issues of sports, politics, and social conflicts, putting the spotlight on sociopolitical arenas beyond commercialized sports mega events, which have attracted most scholarly attention in contemporary research; and second, by generating hypotheses on the indirect political effects of sports cultures, in particular on the relationship between local social identities—reinforced through sports—and cosmopolitan value change. These interlinked spatial and substantive claims ground a new critical research framework and agenda: it examines sports as profoundly embedded in socioeconomic, cultural and political forms of rule and domination but also seeks to disclose sports’ emancipatory and subversive potential in advancing globalization from below.


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Lars Rensmann, John Cabot University, Rome

Lars Rensmann is Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department
of Political Science and International Affairs at John Cabot University in Rome. He has
published many books and journal articles in areas of international political theory,
global and European politics, and global politics and sports. His books include Gaming
the World: How Sports are Reshaping Global Politics and Culture (Princeton UP, coauthored
with Andrei S. Markovits, 2010), Politics and Resentment: Antisemitism and
Counter-Cosmopolitanism in the European Union (Brill, 2011, with Julius H. Schoeps),
Arendt and Adorno: Political and Philosophical Investigations (Stanford UP, co-edited
with Samir Gandesha, 2012), and The Politics of Unreason (SUNY Press, forthcoming).




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Rensmann, Lars. 2015. «Sports, Global Politics, and Social Value Change: A Research Agenda». Altre Modernità, n. 14 (novembre):114-33.