2023 Conference

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Spaces of Musical Production / Production of Musical Spaces

International conference

3–5 November 2023, Triennale Milano

Spaces of Musical Production/Production of Musical Spaces brings together a selected group of scholars and artists to examine the relationship between music and space from a variety of perspectives—historical, theoretical, ethnographic, and poetic. Porous, overlapping spaces imply role fluidity (and vice versa): ranging from the physical to the virtual, and from the statistical to the imaginary, the conference seeks to encourage a reappraisal of production across the traditional divide between theory and practice.

The conference will also feature the roundtable Mapping Musical Life: Urban Culture and the Local Press in Post-Unification Italy and a guest lecture by the acclaimed theater and opera director Romeo Castellucci.

Conference Program

Friday 3 November


Welcome and opening remarks


Keynote lecture:
Symbolic “Space” as a Time-Function of Sonic Signals
Wolfgang Ernst (Humboldt University of Berlin)


Opening reception

Saturday 4 November


Session 1: At the Borders of Operatic Spaces

Landscape Dramaturgy and Postopera: Singing After Perspective
Jelena Novak (NOVA University of Lisbon)

On the Spaces in Between; or, What Musical Networks Produce
Jonathan Hicks (University of Aberdeen)

The Hypermobility Turn in Contemporary Opera
Jingyi Zhang (Harvard University)


Coffee break


Session 2: Urban Spaces of Musical Production

Cinematic Musical Spaces in Paris: Popular Music and the Advent of Sound Film
Lola San Martín Arbide (University of Sevilla)

“A Living Being in Constant Transformation”: Staging Opera and Architecture in 1930s Florence
Francesca Vella (Northumbria University)

From Thin to Deep: Mapping Urban Music through Multimedia Web Apps
Martin Nicastro (University of Pavia)


Lunch break


Roundtable on music history and digital mapping:
Mapping Musical Life: Urban Culture and the Local Press in Post-Unification Italy
Chair: Mila De Santis (University of Florence)
Position papers: Bianca De Mario (University of Milan), Elena Oliva (University of Florence), Alessandro Maras (Sapienza University of Rome), Ilaria Grippaudo (University of Palermo)
Discussant: Carlo Lanfossi (University of Milan)


Coffee break


Session 3: Sonic Representations of Spaces

Containing Multitudes: A Sound Installation in the Montreal’s Entertainment District
Nicola Di Croce (IUAV University of Venice)

Peri-Urban Sound Ecology. The City Without an Outside
Ruben Baiocco (University of Milan)

Redefining Landscape: Aural Observations and Representations of Spaces
Francesco Bergamo (IUAV University of Venice)

Sunday 5 November


Session 4: Spaces of Vocal Otherness

Notes Towards an Acoustemology of Witches
Delia Casadei (UC Berkeley), Marina Romani (UC Berkeley)

Shower Ballads: Energy, Sound and Democracy ca. 1943
Gavin Williams (King’s College London)

Voicing and Speech Capture in Romeo Castellucci’s Works
Piersandra Di Matteo (IUAV University of Venice)


Coffee break


Epiphonies, Romeo Castellucci in conversation with Emilio Sala (with three contributions by Scott Gibbons)


Closing remarks