Vol. 2 No. 1 (2015)
Issue Description

Published: 09 January 2015


Panagiotis E Simitzis, Stavros Karastamatis, Panagiota Koutsouli, Iosif A Bizelis, Ioannis Politis
Effect of yoghurt serum powder dietary supplementation on growth performance and antioxidant status in fattening lambs
Xian-Ren Jiang, Fa-Hong Luo, Shu-Geng Wu, Hai-Jun Zhang, Valentino Bontempo, Ming-Ren Qu, Hong-Yuan Yue, Guang-Hai Qi
Effect of phytase supplementation on apparent phosphorus digestibility and phosphorus output in broiler chicks fed low-phosphorus diets
Rui Zhang, Vincent L. Wilson, Aixin Hou, Ge Meng
Source of lead pollution, its influence on public health and the countermeasures
Adekunbi Bridget Omotoso, Andrew Babatunde Omojola
Fluoroquinolone residues in raw meat from open markets in Ibadan, Southwest, Nigeria
Johnson Makaen, Lydia Tasi
Anthrax, fairly undetected in Papua New Guinea