Cinéma & Cie is an international, peer-reviewed academic journal. The research areas of the journal include media history and theory and their relationship; the various intersections between technological, industrial and representational aspects; audiovisual heritage; reception and consumption; the links between different forms of audiovisual narrative, art and communication.

Published twice a year (in Spring and Fall), the journal is structured in four different sections: Thematic issue, Beyond CinemaProjects & AbstractsReviews.

The Thematic issue only accepts submissions in response to specific call for essays that you will find below. 

The call for essays for the Beyond Cinema section is permanent and always valid. This section of the journal provides a space to re-discuss the thresholds of the cinematic medium, as well as the boundaries of traditional film studies, by addressing a variety of under-investigated contexts and objects through innovative and unconventional approaches and references.