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Cinéma & Cie is an international, peer-reviewed academic journal. The research areas of the journal include media history and theory and their relationship; the various intersections between technological, industrial and representational aspects; audiovisual heritage; reception and consumption; the links between different forms of audiovisual narrative, art and communication.

Published twice a year (in Spring and Fall), the journal is structured in four different sections:

– Thematic issue: usually the largest section, devoted to a specific topic. This section only accepts submissions in response to specific calls for essays that are advertised via the journal website;
– Beyond Cinema: a section focused on innovative perspectives on the transformations in the field of film studies. Submissions are accepted only in response to the permanent call for essays advertised on the website;
– Projects & Abstracts: the section details international research and noteworthy Ph.D. thesis projects or abstracts, recommended by supervisors;
– Reviews: the section consists of significant essays, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and related content.

Current Issue

Vol. 23 No. 40 (2023): Archaeologies of the Virtual. Materialities, Senses, Imaginaries
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Edited by Anna Caterina Dalmasso, Wanda Strauven, and Simone Venturini

Even though it is often presented as an unprecedented technology, virtual reality is a new medium as much as it is an old one, and an imaginary one. Virtual technologies have been long foreshadowed by intermedia fictional worlds, anticipated by the virtualisation of visuality that took shape during Modernity, and even prefigured by the multifarious attempts to realise the immersion of the spectator, which can be traced back to the most ancient forms of human art and image-making techniques. In order to understand this changing mediascape, the role of a media-archaeological approach to the virtual lies not only in restoring lines of continuity with the past, but in providing different frameworks to critically interrogate the process of virtualisation of the environment, which exceeds the state of present-day media technologies. In this perspective, the issue aims to investigate the material and corporeal conditions, catalysing multisensory spectatorship and the concretisation of immersive media, as much as the epistemic and imaginary constructs which support and underpin them.

Published: 2023-09-22

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