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Cinéma & Cie is an international, peer-reviewed academic journal. The research areas of the journal include media history and theory and their relationship; the various intersections between technological, industrial and representational aspects; audiovisual heritage; reception and consumption; the links between different forms of audiovisual narrative, art and communication.

Published twice a year (in Spring and Fall), the journal is structured in four different sections:

– Thematic issue: usually the largest section, devoted to a specific topic. This section only accepts submissions in response to specific calls for essays that are advertised via the journal website;
– Beyond Cinema: a section focused on innovative perspectives on the transformations in the field of film studies. Submissions are accepted only in response to the permanent call for essays advertised on the website;
– Projects & Abstracts: the section details international research and noteworthy Ph.D. thesis projects or abstracts, recommended by supervisors;
– Reviews: the section consists of significant essays, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and related content.

Current Issue

Vol. 21 No. 36/37 (2021): Glocal Detectives. Cultural Diversity In European Tv Crime Dramas
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Edited by Luca Barra, Alice Jacquelin and Federico Pagello

TV screens across Europe are more and more filled with detectives, investigators, police(wo)men coming from abroad. After a long-lasting prominence of US figures, the last decades have offered an increasing visibility to characters coming from the UK, the Nordic regions of Scandinavia, the major continental markets as France, Germany, Spain and Italy, the Mediterranean regions, the Eastern and Central European countries, and so on. European crime narratives are complex objects: national, and global, and often glocal. Their popularity and circulation in European markets brings cultural diversity and puts audiences in touch with other not-so-far yet distinct cultures, while also – sometimes – laying ground for the development of a truly transnational, cross-European, shared popular culture. The special issue of Cinéma Cie presents some results of the research carried out by Horizon 2020 project DETECt – Detecting Transcultural Identity in Contemporary Popular Crime Narratives, and includes a wide range of case histories, theoretical approaches, methodological frameworks. 

Published: 2021-11-17

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