Una compravendita veronese del secolo XIV della Biblioteca Nazionale «Sagarriga Visconti Volpi» di Bari

  • Francesco Nocco


This paper, after a brief discussion of the recent reorganization of five membranaceous funds of National library «Sagarriga Visconti Volpi» of Bari, reconstructs the history and presents a study (and edition) of the oldest notarial act in the newly-formed collection of parchments reused as chemise bindings (14th-18th century). The document here studied is an instrumentum written by the notary Veronexius – son of Ognibene «de Falsurgo Veron(e)» – dated between 1346 and 1347, and it required further research at funds preserved in the State Archive of Verona; this ancient notarial document, found in Bari during the restoration of an exemplar of the work Delle lettere amorose by Francesco Sansovino, printed in Verona in 1599, allows – among other aspects – continued reflection on patterns of manuscript recycling.

Keywords: Biblioteca Nazionale di Bari, fondi membranacei, reimpieghi, notaio Veronexius, Archivio di Stato di Verona; National library of Bari, membrana


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